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Risen is an Alliance guild for both newer and experienced players who wish to fully experience endgame content.

From it’s inception, Risen’s primary goal has been to be an adult PvE endgame raid guild.  Many of us have jobs, families and other responsibilities that are important to us and, therefore, limit our in-game time.  This makes it doubly important that we use our in game time efficiently and effectively.  We expect everyone to be self-motivated, prepared, knowledgeable, and supportive of our goals. 

To this end

  • We have a web page.  It is set up to register people for teams, schedule raids and instance runs, provide information on what stats you need and where to get the gear to attain those stats;  Most of the information you need, is here.  Web page membership is one of your first steps to full membership in Risen
  • We have a streamlined organizational structure to make it easy to understand to whom you have to listen.
  • We have a structured approach to advancement in rank within the guild. When openings arise, advancement is based on merit.  Each rank and it's requirements are clearly spelled out in the information box in the lower left corner of this page.
  • Guild chat is expected to be friendly and supportive of others.  We don’t want to waste time on arguments and soothing upsets.  We want to raid.

If we have time and can find the right people, we would also like to have some organized PvP teams for both battlegrounds and arenas.  This is a secondary goal.  It is expected they will be run with the same criteria, and meet the same standards as the PvE raid teams.  But they are not a primary goal at this time.

If you would like further information, or to be invited to the guild, you may fill out an application under the Apply to Join the Guild Risen link in the Information box in the lower left corner or contact any Risen officer.

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